Imperfect (Rehab) Plants - Live Plants

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**PICTURES COMING SOON FOR NEW LISTINGS** Imperfect plants need love too! This listing is specifically for plants we receive that may have been damaged in shipping or that are not as cosmetically perfect. This does NOT mean these plants are unhealthy or will not survive with proper care. Every plant listed here will be healthy just maybe not as pretty as it could be (ugly plants need love too!🥰) Think of these plants as the “ugly” vegetables a grocery store may discard because it’s not appealing to consumers. These plants are still beautiful in their own way and with the right care, these plants will grow new leaves (eventually replacing imperfect leaves) and blossom into their full potential with a lil’ TLC ❤️ if you have any questions regarding any plant listed here, please message us! Also, we will update and rotate the plants in listing as they become available - all plants will come with a pot (4” or 6” depending on the plant) and with care instructions just like any other plant we have in our shop. Let’s get these plant babies loving homes! 🥰🌿 Included: Selected Plant, nursery pot, care instructions Size: All plants will shipped in a nursery pot Plant Difficulty: will vary from plant to plant