Calathea Ornata 'Pinstripe Plant' Live Plant

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Calathea Ornata is known for its striking colors including dark green leaves which feature a pinstripe pattern that can range from light green to bright pink. The Calathea Ornata is not the best plant for beginners, but with the proper environment they are not too terrible to care for. Because this plants natural environment is the rainforest, the best way to keep it happy and healthy is to mimic that environment. The three basic rainforest plant rules are: no direct sunlight, high humidity and do not expose to cold temperatures. Once this is done, proper care because a lot more manageable. Don’t be discouraged though! A beginner can easily follow proper care guidelines and have a thriving pinstripe plant! Included: Calathea Ornata Plant, 4” nursery pot, care instructions Size: will shipped in a 4 inch nursery pot Plant Difficulty: Medium/Hard. Light Exposure: Bright, indirect light. Ideally a spot within a room without direct sunlight is best. Too much direct sun will cause problems. Watering: In summer months, always try to keep the soil moist (not waterlogged) and water when the top 1-2" of soil feels dry. Calatheas also benefit from a mist periodically to maintain high humidity.