Calathea lancifolia ?Rattlesnake Plant? Live Plant

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Calathea lancifolia is a perfect houseplant for plant lovers who love patterns. They are gorgeous in color with various shades of green, wavy foliage containing small green spots as well as beautiful undersides in a reddish-purple shade. The calathea lancifolia is simple to care for as long as it’s cared for in the proper environment. It can be a great beginner's houseplant but make sure to place the plant where it will receive medium to bright indirect light, shielding from direct sun (Important!). Included: Calathea lancifolia Plant, 4” nursery pot, care instructions Size: will shipped in a 4 inch nursery pot Plant Difficulty: Easy/Medium. Light Exposure: Bright, indirect light. Ideally a spot within a room without direct sunlight is best. Too much direct sun will cause problems. Watering: In summer months, always try to keep the soil moist (not waterlogged) and water when the top 1-2" of soil feels dry. Calatheas also benefit from a mist periodically to maintain high humidity.