Tradescantia pallid 'Wandering Jew Plant' Live Plant

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The Wandering Jew Plant (Tradescantia pallid), also called spiderworts, are popular house plants for their stripes of white, green, silver, and purple colors of their foliage. They have trailing vines that flow from their base and are very easy to care for and easy to propagate and share with friends! Included: Wandering Jew Plant, 4” nursery pot, care instructions Size: will be shipped in a 4 inch nursery pot Plant Difficulty: Easy. Great for beginners and an easy to care for indoor house plant. Light Exposure: bright, indirect light. This plant is a relatively fast grower during the growing season from spring to fall, so it should be rotated regularly. Also keep in mind if the light is too dim, the leaf markings will fade. Watering: Allow the top of the soil (about 1/4 of the size of the pot down) to dry out before watering.