Best Plants to Gift

      Airplants rank very highly on plants I recommend as gifts. These unique (some might say bizarre) plants thrive sitting on a coffee table or displayed on a piece of driftwood - no soil required. These plants function as beautiful decor and a living houseplant. Airplanes do need bright indirect light and regular watering in order to thrive. Simply mist the plant a few times a week or soak in water once a week for ten minutes. 

      Snake plants are a slam dunk when you are gifting to someone - especially when you aren't familiar with their living space. Snake plants are low-light tolerant plants that can fit into any home and lifestyle. A friend has a dark apartment? Snake plants are low light tolerant. Your mom travels frequently? Snake plants want to dry out completely and thrive on neglect. 
      Pothos plants are great plants for the impatient gardener. Give them light and the tiniest bit of attention and they will push out new leaves every week.  There are many varieties of pothos - from jade pathos with dark green foliage to the white and green speckled leaves of the Marble Queen pathos pictures. Pothos also vine down a bookshelf beautifully - so they are a lively addition to any space. 

      Calatheas are a great gift for your friends and family that are already dedicated plant parents. These beautiful plants need a little extra care - but they make up for it with their beautifully patterned foliage. Humidity is the trick with calatheas. If they experience periods of very low humidity, they can have foliage loss or crisp up at the tips. Regular misting, grouping with other plants, or adding a humidity tray to these plants will help them thrive. 

This laurentii snake plant is an adorable addition to any home. 
This marble queen pathos produces unique variegation on each leaf. 
The colorful foliage of Calathea Roseopicta is a fun gift to add color to a friend's home.
Calathea rattlesnake produces long thin leaves with beautiful patterns. 

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